Constructing high mast lighting in Asia: design, manufacturing and quality expectations.

There are a lot of benefits that a high mast lighting pole has. Some of the benefits are large area lighting, fast and safe lighting fixture maintenance at ground level, fewer poles needed to be installed in order to cover the intended areas. The use of high mast poles dated back in the 1960s to illuminate intersections and multi level roads. The applications for high mast structures vary from street lighting, sport lighting, to traffic lighting, etc. In the darkness, the thieves might lurk in dark corners waiting for people to walk by to steal their belongings.

And we can hardly do anything to it because cannot anticipate such things would happen. Furthermore, without the light, the thievesĂ­ faces are not visible to us in order to report to the police and indentify the faces. They are often seen being used in wide areas, such as ports, yards, stations, stadiums, airports, etc. We have been working with several clients on a variety of lighting projects from small to big scale ones. In every lighting project, we try to do the very best we can to provide you products that meet with your lighting demands and suitable for your projects. Through time, people have realized that it is a waste because the middle shaft can be used for a variety of purposes. People try to utilize as much of a lighting pole as possible. One of the uses is to hang advertising banners. This is a great opportunity for marketers not only to advertise their brands but also to let their imagination fly on how to best use lighting poles for advertising. This has been a great way of making use of every aspect of the lighting pole as many as possible.

Sports lighting is also another popular application of high mast columns. Because of such height, it is very dangerous to gain access to the light fixtures using conventional methods like climbing the stairs or renting any aerial work platforms. There are 3 types of pole and tower used for wireless communication. Furthermore, such high lighting poles will be able to shed light to the field from the distance which allows a bigger space to play sports, such as baseball, soccer, or tennis, etc, and the flying routes of the balls are still clearly visible to the players. As a result, all lighting poles are now required to be passively safe in order to reduce the damages caused to the passengers during the impact.

Furthermore, renting a cherry picker is not cheap and you will have to spend quite a lot of money in order to maintain all the lighting poles. Wind velocity and gust velocity are 2 important factors needed to be taken into account because they will greatly affect the dimensions of the lighting poles. And then the system will raise the light units to the top and put them back to normal operation. It is a pleasure for Extensa Lighting to be serving our clients with high mast columns that are robust enough to support not only light fixtures but also advertisement panels. The poles will swing back and forth which later on will result in the cracks at the base and cause the high mast lighting poles to fall down.

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